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JoAnne is planning another historical corsetry workshop! Students provide their measurements and class fee and receive a custom drafted pattern, a full day of instruction and hands-on assistance, and a fitted corset of their own construction, made with materials supplied by JoAnne. Join us for a group workshop or a one-on-one tutorial.....

Theatrical productions are in the works with The Outfit, and Green River Community College. ~~ we are developing our 2010-11 workshop schedule -- Victorian Corsets will be our first area of focus -- contact us for more details.... In the early months of 2010, we will continue to develop our new home base at beautiful Dryad's Rest (shown above), south of Olympia, WA. Nearly sixty acres, this stunning location will be future home for: ~ * Workshops and Special Events * Educational and Recreational Retreats * Video and Movie Filming Locations * LARPing Events and Orienteering Games * Exclusive and Private Eventing * Historical Re-enactment Events * ~~ * Paintball parties!

Spring 2009    Dryad's Rest Home and Garden Designs presents~~~~ Wildwood Arbors and custom wattle fencing!
May 2009    Dryad's Rest held its first Live Action Role Playing game (LARP) and it was a huge success! We WILL be hosting more, both ourselves and those hosted by other groups such as The Fantasy Alternative (TFA) What better way to get youngsters and families out into the great outdoors, having fun and playing games? We also are looking into developing a Youth Players Division, for some of the local youngsters to join in the fun....
June 2009    Many new developments happening at Dryad's Rest -- Upcoming plans for games include development of camping and event areas, as well as plans to bring onboard a Pirate Ship! Yes!
   Would you like to help support Dryad's Rest? Donate today!
January 2010    The Pirate Ship has landed! more details soon.....
May 2010    plans continue in developing Dryads Rest into a center for friend and family recreation and events as well as educational projects! Paintball and Nerfgun games are being added to our list of fun things to do -- plan to make Dryads Rest your destination for friend and family fun..
June 2010    New! creating a peaceful and private place for weddings, in a natural setting...bring your wedding or reunion to Dryads Rest...

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